Welcome to ATS

Through a vision to be a leader in understanding our customer needs, Gulf market trends and requirements, and a mission to effectively leverage our Strategic global partnerships to create opportunities, provide better technologies, Services and environmental and health protection

Message From CEO

We have in-house facilities with fabrication capablities for airconditioning, fire fighting & fire alarm, electrical, plumbing water supply & drainage works design and installation.

We have 24/7 ready and well trained staff, technicians and laborers provided with modest accomodation facilities. Abrar Azam Technical Services has a professional management team with a progressive, pro-active outlook that give emphasis on detailed planning and careful monitoring of each project, large or small.

We understand that the contruct industry is a fast pace and dynamic sector, therefore, we will continue to see and introduce the best approach and solutions to address its needs.

One of the primary differentiating factors our company have, compare with the rest in the industry is the level support, we as owners provide our team. As a locally-owned company, we are not driven solely by profit, rather we are dedicated to delivering what the client actually needs. Reputation and reliability to us is more important than profit.