Heat and Cool Unit, Air Conditioning Work

Air Conditioning Work

General maintenance

🛠 One major annual service and three quarterly services of indoor and outdoor units

🛠 Cleaning of Filters, Drain line and Trays

🛠 Cleaning and checking of electrical components like fan blades and fan motor

🛠 Pressure washing of coils, Cleaning of Condensers

🛠 Checking refrigerant gas levels & Re-gassing as required

🛠 Belt replacement, Lubrication and cleaning of drain lines

🛠  Placing of drain flow tablets in drip trays

🛠  Changing compressor oil and filters if necessary

🛠 Minor painting touch-up and minor repairs to insulation

On-demand services

🛠 Installation of Air-Conditioning Systems.

🛠 Ventilation & Air Filtration Systems Installation.

🛠 Water cooler for Villa Tank

🛠 AMC for Swimming Pools & Air-Conditioning Systems.

Heat and Cool Pumps Work

🛠 Supply & Installation of Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Heat and Cool Units

🛠 Annual Maintenance Contracts

🛠 Gas Welding Works

🛠 Replacement of Compressors & Heat Exchangers

🛠 Heat and Cool Unit Maintenance Works

🛠 Gas Refilling Works

🛠  Repairing & Replacement of Chiller Controllers, Protectors

🛠 Replacement of Temperature sensors, 4 Way Valves, Dryer & Accessories

🛠 Leakage Testing Works

🛠 Condenser Welding Works

🛠 Troubleshooting Works

🛠 Rewiring of Main Control System & Modification Works

🛠 General Repairing Works

🛠 Full Unit Servicing