Luxitron - Designed by Fajri

About Us

Luxitron LED lighting was founded in 2012. The success of our growth lies with our team's innovative designs without compromising on quality or level of service.

We pride ourselves on our highly engineered efficient products which have been the result of our teams combined years of experience in the Lighting Industry.

Luxitron is a leading manufacturer of high quality indoor architectural and Consumer lighting. Our extensive knowlegde of lighting and design and product engineering, combined with our commitment to invest in the latest technology, ensures that we provide unique lighting solutions tha;t exceed customer expectations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a globally recognized brand for interactive, eco-friendly and technologically advanced led lighting products.

Our Mission

1. Invest resources to develop cost effective smart intelligent luminaires and make it available to all segments of society.

2. To improve the health, mood, productivity, and happiness of humans by introducing intelligent interactive lighting products to their lives.

3. Contribute towards a sustainable and ecologically friendly environment through energy efficient products.

4. Focus on providing high quality, efficient, durable and trendy designed luminaires.

5. To support the Sislee group vision of contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Our Values

We are part of Sislee group and follow the values of Sislee group which are:

1. Social Responsibility - We will always wear a smile at all times to create positivity in our interactions and show moral reasoning with Empathy, Kindness & Patience.

2. Customer - Customers are the focal point of our Businesses and we will do everything that is possible to provide excellent service and outstanding value for them with our products and services.     We will under promise and over deliver and delight our customers with an outstanding World Class Experience of doing business with us.

3. Integrity - We are honest and follow ethical business practices and will keep the best interest of our Customers, Shareholders and work colleagues with honor and accountability.

4. Ownership - We will take care of the company and our customers as our own and will aspire to leave every person that we meet happier then we first met them.