Digital Signage & Kiosk Information System

Digital Signage:

Digital Signage is a type of content advertising in different locations at specific times. Digital signage offers superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs. Digital signs may be scrolling message boards, LCD or plasma Display panels, electronic billboards, projection screens, or other emerging display types that can be controlled electronically using a computer or other devices, allowing individuals or groups to remotely change and control their content.

Digital signage has been given very wide definitions. Generally, it refers to screens playing digital content in an out-of-home environment, be it in a shopping mall, in an office building or even outdoors.

Kiosk Information System:

Computer based terminal or display that is used to provide information or services, typically in a public place. Kiosk systems are being used in a variety of applications, including information directories, several standard kiosk enclosures, displays and components for kiosk builders, and also customs kiosk design solutions.