About SF

With one clear mission, Socks Factory has been established to produce socks based on the latest production technology in the GCC’s socks manufacturing domain.

Starting from our smart production lines to a the highly skilled and pensioned team ending with a very strict quality control standards.


Our Yarns

All our Cotton Yarns such as Dyed, Mélange, Compact, Mercerized and Modal along with the Wool and Acrylics are imported from the leading yarn manufacturers in India.


Using Lonati GK, the latest Italian socks knitting machines with the following features: 5 colors pattern per single course and 3D styles and Formation.

Production Functions

Silicon Printing: Providing anti slip socks for kids, home socks and heel silicon for liner socks. Toe Closing: Using Complett machines with fully electronic toe closing

Final Touch

Automated tagging machines guaranteeing the best quality for the pack’s design. Metal detection: We examine every pair of socks

Product Range